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Would You Pay $33,000 For This Tin Toy? Well...  Someone did!

Rare clockwork toy by the great German toy maker Ernst Paul Lehmann. This toy was based on a British patent dated May 5th 1899. The Boxer is believed to have been made from 1900-1914. Base is basically a square that measures about 5 1/8" (13cm)

Wind it up and four colorful figures representing Russia, England, France and Germany repeatedly toss the heathen Chinese man up in the air. Politically symbolizing The Boxer Rebellion during which the 4 nations brutally surpressed a bloody uprising in China by the secret "Boxer" society

Price reference made to information posted on the Bertoia Auctions October 2000 Toy Sale regarding the sale of a similar toy. Price included original box!

The Boxer - EPL 530

This example is owned by OldToyWorld and will be on display very soon in Portland, Maine.

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