Would You Pay $33,000
For This Tin Toy?

The Boxer - EP Lehmann


We will be examining tinplate mechanical toys from the late 1800's and early 1900's.  To present information quckly, we have chosen an "always under construction" look!   Don't let this appearance fool you.

Remember... Knowledge is power!  Fantastic bargins and discoveries are all over the internet, in flea markets, yard sales and attics everywhere.   You just need to identify them!

We have chosen to start with Lehmann Toys. We are looking for info, valuations and photos to help identify each and every one of them. The goal is to be the best site to aid in identifying these masterpieces.

Paris Taxi - Andre Citroen
Toy Is More Valuable
Than Original Cab!

"Echo" EPL Touring Cycle
8 1/2" Toy, Book Value $1,000+ Per Inch!


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